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Waylon Smithers

Occupation: Servant to Mr. Burns
Voiced by Harry Shearer

Is Smithers Gay?

Originally by Dave Hall
Maintained by Dale G. Abersold

What people on the Simpsons staff have to say

Harry Shearer:
Harry Shearer came to speak at the University of Georgia. At the end of his presentation, someone in audience asked if Smithers was gay. Shearer replied that according to the writers of the show, Smithers and Burns were "just friends."

Yeardley Smith:

When Yeardley Smith was in Melbourne, Ms. Smith was asked if Smithers was gay. Ms. Smith said it didn't start out that way, but somewhere along the line, the writers just started throwing in homosexual references for no particular reason. And they intend to keep doing so as well. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, "not that there's anything wrong with that!"

David Silverman:

At a presentation in San Francisco, someone asked David Silverman if there were any gay characters. Silverman said "Smithers and Karl (Homer's secretary from 7F02)". End of story.

Innuendoes from the Series

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